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Established in 2008, Chef Essentials has been continually committed to providing high quality, competitively priced and advanced professional kitchen equipment to the world. Our cooperation and continual innovation has seen our products and brands exported to over 83 countries. From mixers and Mincers through to refrigeration and ovens, CHEF-ESSENTIALS has the solution for all your professional kitchen requirements. At Chef Essentials, we have dedicated teams in Product Design, Product Manufacturing, Product Marketing …In this website you can down load catalog as following classification:

Perforni- Pizza and bakery equipment
Barisio- Bar equipment
Prokit- Commercial kitchen equipment
Samberno- Hotel selfserve equipment
Butchers Pride- Butchery and food machine
Filma- Storage rack and s.steel table .. and More

Jimmy Kong


Education: BA management and Administration Study 

Specialty: 8 years working experience in manufacturing of Catering, display equipment and Storage equipment. 



Specialty: Catering equipment manufacturer family  Background. Responsive for Marketing Including Exhibition, Web Design, Catalog and Sales co-ordination Work.  

Eduardo Viana


Education: Institute Infnet, Rio de Janeiro,

Specialty: 3 years work experience from Brazil – 1 year experience business international China working. 

  • Managment  80%
  • Team work 80%
  • Business 50%
  • Managment 70%
  • Coordinator 70%
  • Marketing 50%
  • Web Designer  80%
  • Packager Design 50%
  • Ux / Design Thinking  70%


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Why work with us? Due to the closed communication with customers and professional support from our technical section, We can meet different requirement of our customers such as complete design of food service outlet, Mobile bar, pizza corner, fast food chain, etc......

Our professional

Our professionals: Thanks to our 20 years experienced in manufacturing of catering equipment. We have a more than 10 well-trained technical persons to help our customer to control the quality of the goods. Catering equipment are concerning wide range of knowledge from...

Our price

Our competitive Price: Our price list is showing our standard machine. However, there are too many manufacturers in China. You can never visit them one by one. And it is difficulty to get the lowest price if you order only several items from a single factory. Thus, it...


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